Juliana Gregory

I knew this adventure would challenge, scare, thrill and excite me. It did all that and then some. -Elaina McMillan

Find your funny. Speak your mind.

A stand-up comedy workshop designed to inspire, nurture, and challenge you to a new level of self-expression.

If you’ve ever secretly wished to be a comedian…
If you’re a speaker, and you’d love to make your audience laugh while making your point…
If you want to shed your fears and step into a big, bold YOU…

This is the workshop for you.

You’re invited to join this intimate, three-part workshop to locate your authentic voice, write brilliant material completely unique to you, and perform as a stand-up comic, all in a nurturing, supportive and creative environment. You’ll have fun, bond with other creative people, and learn essential comedic skills. You’ll be free to loosen up, experiment, laugh a lot and know yourself as a comic.

And you’ll perform at a comedy club!

This workshop will help you learn how to…

  • Access your funny.
  • Dissolve your fear of public speaking.
  • Express your big, bold self.
  • Share your best, most intimate stories in a funny way.
  • Jump start your comedy or speaking career.
  • Funny up your presentations.
  • Inspire and engage your audience.
  • Spark your creativity.
  • Write powerful, effective material.